Custom made software

Open the door to your imagination and build something

Sometimes you need more sophisticated software than just a website. Software has endless possibilities – and no matter whether you want to increase your sales, make your processes more efficient or create a complex solution from the bottom up, we are able to do it. We also use Microsoft technologies for implementation. We can develop solutions using ASP .NET MVC, WPF/UWP, Windows IoT and Arduino.

Here are the technologies which we work with

Scope Technology
Web-based apps Custom made web-based apps are built on ASP .NET MVC, WPF/UWP, Windows IoT and Arduino. If requested we can use other programming languages as well or create bridges to connect several systems in various programming languages.
Mobile apps We offer the development of native mobile applications for various mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android or Windows Phone. We have experience in building AR.
HW We are able to connect HW with our technologies in order to manage it.
Big Data Do you have a lot of information from your business? We can help you to process all of this information and get valuable knowledge about your business or your clients. Our solutions are based on C#, C++. We can also create GPU programs based on OpenCL and process the computation on graphic cards.
Other services We are in partnership with design and marketing agencies in order to bring the most complex solutions to our clients