Native mobile apps

The number of mobile users is constantly increasing, so use it for your business!

Today smartphones and tablets are powerful devices with many features. We are able to use them in order to control HW, display AR content, which helps us visualize virtual world in real world, we can get valuable information and notification via mobile apps and many more. It’s useable in many ways in business, manufacturing, selling, presenting and so on.

How can I get my own mobile app?

These are the 7 main steps to make your fabulous app

  • 1


    At the beginning of the preparation stage, we discuss your requirements and analyze your business market. The Elliate team creates the architecture of the mobile app and strategy. In case of bigger mobile app which send and receive data to and from other systems, we analyze the API documentation and include it into our strategy.
  • 2

    Design & UX & Copy

    Elliate creates a user experience demo, which brings you a closer look at the mobile app structure and its rough design. Next is the final design of the app. If requested, we will create more than one design.
  • 3


    Our skilled developers bring designs to live. Elliate guarantees the most modern and safe technologies, since we have weekly research sessions into the newest solutions in the field.
  • 4


    Once the app is ready we systematically test the whole system and fix potential bugs and mistakes.
  • 5


    Now is the time to move it to production. From now on, you’re able to promote your mobile app. We will take care of its safety, encryption and secure communication with the server.
  • 6


    In order to make your mobile app easier for your clients, we implement marketing tools to measure its performance.
  • 7


    We value our clients and provide them with daily support. In case of some change, bug, or problem we use our ticket system for management and fast resolution.